Robin and Blackbird's Nests

Robin in NestFor the third year, this site is dedicated to providing pictures of a pair of nesting Robins. The birds have settled on a site buried deep in ivy on the side of a house in Buckinghamshire, UK. and are currently sitting on a large clutch of eggs. .

A webcam has been fixed close above the nest and we are watching the robins family as (hopefully) they raise their family.

The last 20 pictures taken in the nest are shown here

The story of 2000's brood is told here and of last year's brood is told here

Diary of the nest

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We found the nest on the 9th May, very low down in the same ivy. there has already been a brood from another nest as we have seen the young 2nd of June - there has been a lot of activity, although no sign of an earlier brood. Camera fixed up, very close to the nest as there is little space in the dense ivy.

15th May
Unfortuantly 2 days after setting up the camera the Robin failed to reappear on the nest - no idea why.

But in the meantime we found a Blackbird's nest with young already hatched, so now we are watching the blackbird for a change. this time there is a bit more space and we are able to get a wider view of the nest. At the moment they are still young and are brooded most of the time by the Mother - At least with blackbirds you can tell the sexes apart!. Interesting pictures posted shortly.

And a short explanation of the technical details

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